Less talk, mean more!



Once upon a time… yeah! Anyway, here’s about my frustating passion, I’m mean.. just trying, and I thought about this since our school held a seminar about: Creative Writing!

Okay, I just wanna share it with you, “Thinking Out of the box”. If that’s the thing, would we ever have a chance that we have a same Idea? Hhmm.. (Maybe? Yes? No?) I don’t know, but people would surely buy that, even myself, because I love reading books, though it have the same concept and setting. Still, they catch our eyes and our hearts. 😶😶

It’e just.. what my teacher says, you should find the beauty within you. 📒Humanities! Just continue writing and reading! Aja! 👊

Still, I love reading.                                                                                              -그 루 지 야. 


Start with this!



Hello to this kind of world, since I’m a new blogger. ✌ *haha..
I just found it, that’s why I started it with that thing.
📝 Freedom of speech.. Just don’t forget the limitations, because sometimes we forget that, like in the social networks.. and in other ways.


– 그 루 지 야

🎶EdSheeranAlbums.while.writing.this! 😜