Finals’ over, summer awaits!

Last semester of the year is almost over. ☑ Mind-blowing exams. ☑ Paperworks and Online tasks. ☑ Thesis Defense (half-check!) Hahahaha.. What I’m saying is that for three months.. Yeah, I used to enjoy and had fun learning a lot from this subject, Internet Technology, at first it was so and sounds so cool when you learn some things about this.. “How it REALLY works??” “It’s history, if you can call it.” and some other terms that I  find very interesting. But then, when your professor started talking fast, I mean, really fast and saying terms and words where I thought that techy-geniuses can only understand.. and all he can say is.. “jargon?” “Unfamiliar words?” then the whole class was like.. “Woah! What was he saying again??” And with that, I really find this subject interesting and the fact that it can make your neurons… braincells… and your brain function really fast. Well, because I’m not a techy person.

It was a great experience to have an introduction about networks, it’s uses and functions. I think with that, you’ll understand why “computer” and “internet” got some problematic/dramatic stage sometimes. And this last few weeks, we got into the “Web Design” which is really amazing and fun to do. I should say that “computer geniuses” are rally great when it come to this, like they remember those right… proper… terminologies that we often use but don’t understand what it’s all about. Like what I said, “Web Design”, I really love this part because it was a kind of challenging. At first, it was really hard. HARD. To read and understand some tags, codes, etcetera… like you’re seeing an endless letters, alphabets, numbers… (really??) which my mates find it amazing yet confusing.

I remember when we’re having a “short quiz” (literally short!) and “long quiz” (Uhmm.. quite long..). And honestly, it was okay when the professor got late… sometimes, you know, it’s a kind of advantage for us to have more time to study and memorized those unfamiliar terms. Sometimes when some students got sleepy, which I doubt because having a prof with some “serious-laughing out loud” jokes really make the whole class laugh and make the class lighter.. especially when the prof was talking really fast, with that humor helps you to understand the lesson easily and happily.

In my last few weeks, we’re doing this template in web design, which is hard but rally exciting to do, because I got grouped with my pals, and Oh, I remember this subject also gave me motivation to make blog… blog… and continue blogging, really sort of hobby at the same time. And last weekend, we make our first web design, hope it really works the way we want it.

Again, Thank you for reading my blog! We rock! 🙂