My very first mind-blowing speech had just happened. With a formal attire, organized speech, and a credible look.. well, impressive.

I remember what Stephen King quoted “The scariest moment is always just before you start” which is true. Even in writing.. of course.

The moment I step in front, I really got lost in mind, or the whole thing that I’d practiced were suddenly went into bubbles.. like floating away from my head. And what I’ve done was really a stepping-stone to be more confident.

And honestly, I feel great about what I did, because its really an achievement for me.. though I feel some insecurity if I deliver that right. You know, Talking and talking in front of the crowd was really fun yet profoundly successful, I must say. I really enjoyed my discussion though I got lost in the middle of it but thank God I found my courage to go on. Yes, I was really scared, nervous rather when it comes to speaking in front of crowd.. but then again I chose this world, where speaking and writing were mostly done. But honestly, do you know how does it feel?? It feels like your voice, your confidence, your knowledge suddenly goes out of your mind and your lost. It was embarrassing, for me, but with friends and company that gives you courage and some sort of satisfied look. Oh, well.. everything seemed okay.

I know that we really need a lot of confident guts to speak in front of the crowd but you know, what’s good in there? The strength and guts that we took to stand in front of everyone really triggered our confidence. When we get used to that kind of feeling, I know that It help us to be more comfortable and more positive on what our speech would be. And I also know that it’s easy to said than to be done. But remember that as long as we did it with love and passion, you’ll get a better result or even a priceless feeling after that. It was like, “Oh, did I really do that??”after that, you’ll used to the discussion and get okay with it.

I remember what my topic is all about, its about the rhetorical moves (the art of discourse). Different aspects and forms in writing and speaking effectively, which I hope that helped me while writing this.

So, if I find my guts to do that I know that you can also do that.. maybe a lot much better than what I did. Just be yourself! And remember that “Nothing will work unless we do”.

Honestly, speaking in front of the crowd is not really my thing.. but I can say that I can do better in writing.. that’s why I really love this blogging and writing online, which sounds really fun and exciting. Because aside from reading books and novels.. writing is one of my past-time hobby, though I’m the only one who know that. 🙂