It’s really nice to look back from what we used to be on what we are now.

When memories of crying, like all the toxic in our body want to come out; laughing, like there’s no one else to see; disappointments which give us heartbreaks.. and lessons that helps us grow. And that’s how life goes, people gets hurt and people grow.

It’s like the first time we went to pre- school.. elementary.. high school.. where all the first happens (?) And now, going to college is not easy.. at first, of course. I remember the first day that I step into college when you caught some people give you a wary look, like you’re an alien or what (?) but as time goes by people learn to adapt and learn on how their society works. Like me.. mass communication was not really my choice.. but since I love reading books.. novels.. and writing some stuff.. I started to love this world. We should make a lot of adjustments, changes, to reach our goals and dreams.

It’s important to have plans and goals in life. It gives us direction. Everyone has it’s own dream, right?. And to reach those goals.. sometimes we need to set aside what we feel and make a lot of efforts. Because life is a long journey, just like in a race where obstacles, bonus rounds, and rivals are on our way that sometimes even people around you will pull you down.. but the best feeling if that happen is you’ll know that someone will be by your side and help you to go on in life.

They say that it’s not important on how long you finish the race, it’s about on how we finish the race. Just like in life, we should learn on how we deal with those difficulties because time will come when we think that we can’t really deal and pass anymore.. but remember that it help us grow, learn, and feel that we’re only human.

What I want to say is that.. no matter what, continue our journey in life and remember that there’s someone who’ll never leave us. And we don’t need to make a short cut just to make them easy, because “Short cuts only make things complicated”.

– I’m far from there but at least I’m on my way.

Hope you like this new blog of mine! Please read this. Have a good day ahead!

– itsmegeorgia.