Three months of “Clash–” – Comp2 Experience

Finals’ over, summer awaits!

Last semester of the year is almost over. ☑ Mind-blowing exams. ☑ Paperworks and Online tasks. ☑ Thesis Defense (half-check!) Hahahaha.. What I’m saying is that for three months.. Yeah, I used to enjoy and had fun learning a lot from this subject, Internet Technology, at first it was so and sounds so cool when you learn some things about this.. “How it REALLY works??” “It’s history, if you can call it.” and some other terms that I  find very interesting. But then, when your professor started talking fast, I mean, really fast and saying terms and words where I thought that techy-geniuses can only understand.. and all he can say is.. “jargon?” “Unfamiliar words?” then the whole class was like.. “Woah! What was he saying again??” And with that, I really find this subject interesting and the fact that it can make your neurons… braincells… and your brain function really fast. Well, because I’m not a techy person.

It was a great experience to have an introduction about networks, it’s uses and functions. I think with that, you’ll understand why “computer” and “internet” got some problematic/dramatic stage sometimes. And this last few weeks, we got into the “Web Design” which is really amazing and fun to do. I should say that “computer geniuses” are rally great when it come to this, like they remember those right… proper… terminologies that we often use but don’t understand what it’s all about. Like what I said, “Web Design”, I really love this part because it was a kind of challenging. At first, it was really hard. HARD. To read and understand some tags, codes, etcetera… like you’re seeing an endless letters, alphabets, numbers… (really??) which my mates find it amazing yet confusing.

I remember when we’re having a “short quiz” (literally short!) and “long quiz” (Uhmm.. quite long..). And honestly, it was okay when the professor got late… sometimes, you know, it’s a kind of advantage for us to have more time to study and memorized those unfamiliar terms. Sometimes when some students got sleepy, which I doubt because having a prof with some “serious-laughing out loud” jokes really make the whole class laugh and make the class lighter.. especially when the prof was talking really fast, with that humor helps you to understand the lesson easily and happily.

In my last few weeks, we’re doing this template in web design, which is hard but rally exciting to do, because I got grouped with my pals, and Oh, I remember this subject also gave me motivation to make blog… blog… and continue blogging, really sort of hobby at the same time. And last weekend, we make our first web design, hope it really works the way we want it.

Again, Thank you for reading my blog! We rock! 🙂


Status: Evolution of technology!

Okay, for the sake of the readers.. please do understand some of “vague” thoughts and idea about this two terms: “Web 2.0 to Web 3.0”. 🙂 First, I’m not an info tech student and second, technical stuff are not my thing but here’s some of my views about these two.

Today, web designers got more innovative and persuasive to the viewers to give access to more things as best as possible. The Web is entering a new phase of evolution.

I was like.. impressed on how web design professionals on thinking and thinking and thinking to improve and developed things into the phenomenon that we call social media. From Twitter to Facebook to YouTube and to all sorts of other kinds of communities,as well as blogging.. which came from “Web 2.0”. I read some articles that from web 1.0, which we used in private e-mailing for example, that there was little to no communication and if you wanted information, you had to go to the source for it. Can you imagine such a harsh internet?

Anyway, what I was saying from that zone we are now in what they called the second generation of the World Wide Web that is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online, which really helps and fasten our communication and interacting with others. Now, it’s so easy for us share and browse information using web.. and web designers developed this “Web 3.0”, the term used to describe the evolution of the web as an extension of “Web 2.0”. This definition of “web 3.0”, as connective intelligence; connecting data; concepts; applications; and ultimately PEOPLE. From what I read, “web 3.0”, which will give us access data anywhere, like today, almost all teens (for example) use smartphones and tablets. The “Web 3.0” will make sure that everyone can access data, not just in their home. Just like what I read,  the data from smartphones and other gadgets can expand our access to our computer.

But, the “Web 3.0 main concern on how the internet is used, and designers focus on making things simpler. To caught the attention of viewers to the content or other important information on the page. Of course, it will be able for the internet to perform task faster and more efficiently.

Lastly, Web 3.0 will be more connected, open, and intelligent. And I agree on what Steve Jobs said; “Designs are not just what it looks like. Designs is how it works.”


To be more CONFIDENT-ial ?!


My very first mind-blowing speech had just happened. With a formal attire, organized speech, and a credible look.. well, impressive.

I remember what Stephen King quoted “The scariest moment is always just before you start” which is true. Even in writing.. of course.

The moment I step in front, I really got lost in mind, or the whole thing that I’d practiced were suddenly went into bubbles.. like floating away from my head. And what I’ve done was really a stepping-stone to be more confident.

And honestly, I feel great about what I did, because its really an achievement for me.. though I feel some insecurity if I deliver that right. You know, Talking and talking in front of the crowd was really fun yet profoundly successful, I must say. I really enjoyed my discussion though I got lost in the middle of it but thank God I found my courage to go on. Yes, I was really scared, nervous rather when it comes to speaking in front of crowd.. but then again I chose this world, where speaking and writing were mostly done. But honestly, do you know how does it feel?? It feels like your voice, your confidence, your knowledge suddenly goes out of your mind and your lost. It was embarrassing, for me, but with friends and company that gives you courage and some sort of satisfied look. Oh, well.. everything seemed okay.

I know that we really need a lot of confident guts to speak in front of the crowd but you know, what’s good in there? The strength and guts that we took to stand in front of everyone really triggered our confidence. When we get used to that kind of feeling, I know that It help us to be more comfortable and more positive on what our speech would be. And I also know that it’s easy to said than to be done. But remember that as long as we did it with love and passion, you’ll get a better result or even a priceless feeling after that. It was like, “Oh, did I really do that??”after that, you’ll used to the discussion and get okay with it.

I remember what my topic is all about, its about the rhetorical moves (the art of discourse). Different aspects and forms in writing and speaking effectively, which I hope that helped me while writing this.

So, if I find my guts to do that I know that you can also do that.. maybe a lot much better than what I did. Just be yourself! And remember that “Nothing will work unless we do”.

Honestly, speaking in front of the crowd is not really my thing.. but I can say that I can do better in writing.. that’s why I really love this blogging and writing online, which sounds really fun and exciting. Because aside from reading books and novels.. writing is one of my past-time hobby, though I’m the only one who know that. 🙂


It’s really nice to look back from what we used to be on what we are now.

When memories of crying, like all the toxic in our body want to come out; laughing, like there’s no one else to see; disappointments which give us heartbreaks.. and lessons that helps us grow. And that’s how life goes, people gets hurt and people grow.

It’s like the first time we went to pre- school.. elementary.. high school.. where all the first happens (?) And now, going to college is not easy.. at first, of course. I remember the first day that I step into college when you caught some people give you a wary look, like you’re an alien or what (?) but as time goes by people learn to adapt and learn on how their society works. Like me.. mass communication was not really my choice.. but since I love reading books.. novels.. and writing some stuff.. I started to love this world. We should make a lot of adjustments, changes, to reach our goals and dreams.

It’s important to have plans and goals in life. It gives us direction. Everyone has it’s own dream, right?. And to reach those goals.. sometimes we need to set aside what we feel and make a lot of efforts. Because life is a long journey, just like in a race where obstacles, bonus rounds, and rivals are on our way that sometimes even people around you will pull you down.. but the best feeling if that happen is you’ll know that someone will be by your side and help you to go on in life.

They say that it’s not important on how long you finish the race, it’s about on how we finish the race. Just like in life, we should learn on how we deal with those difficulties because time will come when we think that we can’t really deal and pass anymore.. but remember that it help us grow, learn, and feel that we’re only human.

What I want to say is that.. no matter what, continue our journey in life and remember that there’s someone who’ll never leave us. And we don’t need to make a short cut just to make them easy, because “Short cuts only make things complicated”.

– I’m far from there but at least I’m on my way.

Hope you like this new blog of mine! Please read this. Have a good day ahead!

– itsmegeorgia.

Begin Again..

I want to spend my free time like this!

I want to spend my free time like this!

First, me, personally I really love reading novels. I remember when I finished the first book that I read for some book review. And the book entitled “The Animal Farm” by George Orwell. Honestly, I have no idea on what kind of book is that. When I started reading it, it was so boring then eventually I realized that I’m starting to it though it something to do with politics.. I remember.. and that was the first book that I ever finished. And I realized that I can literally finished a book, and I was like, Oh my.. Did I really finished this?? HAHA.

And that is only the beginning.. later that year I continue reading novels.. I spend my summer like novels. novels. novels! I’m not a bookworm but I do love reading books. 🙂 It caught me eye when I’m surfing.. “I think everyone’s got a little teenager inside of them still, and you just have to work to help yourself access that teenager,” says Veronica Roth, the author of the Divergent trilogy, whose final installment, Allegiant, is out now. “Every now and then I find myself having a character make a decision that feels very adult without having them earn it, and I have to go back and make sure I’m letting the characters make mistakes they would in real life at that age, like a parent.” I really love this series! ❤

“Are teens really not reading as much as they did in the past? Are teens reading, but in nontraditional formats that are underreported? If surveys focus on book reading, what about teens who do all their reading online or in digital formats? What about teens who listen to audiobooks? If questions are only concerned with literature, how are we counting the many people who read nonfiction, newspapers,  magazines, and websites?” – a study from University of Minnesota.

you know, today some teens don’t have interest on reading books, like we have no time to sit and read, and some problem is that carrying a book for us looks like a nerd or something.. but I don’t believe in that! I think that it feels awkward for us.. and I that’s why readers prefer to read E-books, audio books. It is more comfortable and convinient, where you can read anytime and anywhere. But I prefer on reading a real book, with a dozen of feeling every turn of pages. When every word on the pages came out real.. you feel what the character feels, and some moments that I get mad because my eyes uncontrollably move-on to the next page while I was reading the other page! >.<

Summer, like youth, is fleeting. But the books we read when we’re young can stay with us for a lifetime. “The books I turn away are when the dialogue reads false to me,” Cohn says. “It’s not that the words are wrong, because that’s subjective, but the feelings are wrong to me. It’s like an adult observing something.” I think that’s the reason why teens got hooked on reading novels.

Sorry for some grammatical errors* Hope I can improve this! It sounds so lame.. but hope you read this! Thanks!

Say it! —

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Right! 👍

They always say that, raise your voice. Y’know, today people use technology to fool others. Like bullying, I think that’s the best way.. not to hide or to keep it to yourself. Better to tell it, Speak out! There are so many waysto start that, but it should begin in yourself first. How can people help you if you’re not telling them? (Though, I know it is so hard.) Help yourself, first. Make a stand! Feel free! Find that courage to let it out because there’s always someone, or somebody that’s with you..

– 그 루 지 야.

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But for me, the web ecosystem will always be bloggy at its core. I’m looking forward to being a part of it again myself.

— Lockhart Steele

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Upside Down.


Hhmm.. I don’t know what to say.. (or to write? 😱). Hahahaha.. I mean it do make sense in someway. I saw it from google.. and it was cool! Hahaha.. Raise awareness, COMMUNICATE, change minds, take action, Make a difference, Drive change! – Right!

Anywayss.. Technology lead us in a world of success but in some, they used it in a not so-good ways.. like they used in crimes.. (spam, fraud.. bullying). What is the best way to avoid those?


Again, hello to my readers (if there’s any..)

“We keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves. Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken, and time forever frozen still.” -Photograph: Ed Sheeran.

Click here, there, and everywhere! Y’know, with just one click! We can already have a lot of  pictures of ourselves.. Hhmm, just want to know if that’s the same with the Selfie?? They call it self-portrait photograph. It’s one of the easiest way to presnt yourself. (Right?) And in every photo,  there’s a story behind of it. What if that photo can put your life at risk?? 

Anyway, I don’t do selfie much that’s why I’m wondering. And just like people say, “Picture worth a thousand words.”

– 그 루 지 야.

Thinking out loud!

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Ow, right! 👍

I remember this one, that’s why people says “Action speaks louder than words” and base on researches, about 80% of communication we’re using are non-verbals. (Right?) Hahahaha.. 😅 That’s right because .. .. .. Y’know, people easily understand what were trying to say in just a few gestures, motions, and specially our facial expressions. 

* But I think sometimes people don’t really get what one’s trying to say though  people around you easily understand that. 😶Hhm.. So.. yeah!! Just be yourself! Aja! 

– 그 루 지 야 @TenerifeSea. 😆